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MIUI 7: New Settings and user tips

What UI features are added in MIUI 7.

1. MIUI 6's toggles albeit stylish and unique, could sometimes cause confusion as to whether they were enabled or disabled. Once again MIUI 7 has rescued us from our befuddlement.

2. Notification blocking in notification shade:
An all new feature that has appeared in MIUI 7 is the ability to block certain app's notifications from the status bar/notification panel, and using this feature couldn't be easier.
We now have a new icon in the notifications panel. We can use this to block unwanted notifications from apps.

3. Redesigned app icons:
MIUI 7 may seem to be the same with MIUI 6 at first glance, but there're many changes in details if you see carefully. One of them is app icons changes. MIUI designers have modified several apps' icons to make them look better in MIUI 7.

Improved battery life and system performance:
By far the most important development from MIUI 7 has been the battery and performance improvements.

Overall, MIUI 7 increased system performance by 30%!!

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