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What smartphone is better Xiaomi Mi Note, Iphone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 3?

Independent Experts compare Xiaomi Mi Note, Iphone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 3 to decide what investment is better.

1. Comparative consumer tests.

Comparing Mi Note with Iphone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 3 experts decide that
Mi Note wins in following:
Incredible functionality, the better display and highest performance

See video about reasons Xiaomi Mi Note is Better Than Galaxy Note

2. Functionality, software and camera test.
Xiaomi Mi Note have Android 5.0 Lollipop where Samsung Note 4 is still not updated to Lollipop from Kitkat.
See video comparative testing Mi Note vs. Samsing Note

iPhone and Samsung comparison.

Mi Note is better in camera compartment to compare to iPhone and Galaxy Note 3.

The Mi Note is equipped with a powerful 13MP of all-seeing power, while the iPhone 6 Plus has stuck firmly by its 8MP rear camera.

Samsung Note 3 also is inferior with 2 Mp front-facing camera.

Mi Note cameras feature OIS, handy for the slightly more cumbersome handling of larger phones. The Mi Note does notably record video in 4K, but the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t.

3. Xiaomi Mi Note VS IPhone 6 Plus - test of performance

And finally, Apple Ihpone 6 Plus is inferior in battery life! Mi Note is winner in this compartment.

There are main reason why to buy Xiaomi Mi Note is the best choice.

Best combination of price and performance.
Mi Note phablet outclasses the competitors by 7 from 10 main specification. Comparing the Mi Note to the iPhone 6 Plus, where it seems determined to match or beat Apple's spec sheet. The Mi Note fits a bigger screen (5.7-inch versus 5.5-inches) into a smaller, lighter, thinner body (155.1mm × 77.6mm × 6.95mm versus 158.1mm × 77.8mm × 7.1mm). Mi Note is impeccably well built with premium materials and construction all around. The frame is an aluminum alloy with polished chamfered edges and matching aluminum buttons. The front and back of the device are coated in Gorilla Glass 3. you can not break your phone, just drop it. We guarantee it!
In majority expert reviews you may note that Mi Note is best price performance smartphone 2015. Mi Note combine premium quality with lowest price you can buy such hihg class phablet elsewhere in the markets.

Original Operating System, which is recently well improved, according to fan community.
Xiaomi OS MIUI 6 is based on Android Operating System.

Xiaomi app and Game stores with no extra-payments.
Xiaomi offers many free services such as Xiaomi App Market, Cloud and Xiaomi Games Center.

Ultimate technologies at the best price.
Mi Note became number one choice to buy among LTE smartphones because Xiaomi take all the best technological stuff from competitors, add some of its own innovations and then you get a better product on the smartphone market. Comparing to expensive Apple and Samsung devices, Xiaomi Mi Note is a most reasonable choice on the mobile market.

Mi Note is hard to beat. You get a 5.7-inch, 1080p LCD display with a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 with 3GB of RAM inside — top of the line specifications — for only $380. This is discounted price, only in
Xiaomi Mi Note EU direct site

This price include free shipment with EU direct delivery.

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