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Investment Focus 2015 - 2020.

Calculation on the most effective investment risk-based strategy:
1. War of the sanctions, which could fully disengage the Russian financial system from the global system, which will be black swan for the world system
2. The exponential growth of cyber attacks on financial services, and terrorist special operations, reducing investment flows of entire regions and industries
3. Forced restructuring of the global economy, the transfer of production, reduce costs and staff - leading to unbalance the budgets of countries
4. youth unemployment, and the growth of e-learning, which will lead to the closure of most colleges after 5 years
5. Transition to the new technological order, which will lead to a further reduction in employment and income budgets of countries 6. Demographic and social imbalances that lead to a concentration of 90% of the wealth in 10% of the world's population, and the debt problems in the majority of the population, companies and countries
7. panic on the stock exchanges and currency markets, inevitable in the future 5 years, due to the Chinese threat and all of the above
- All it can in the long run to make the market not only the majority of existing companies, but even such giants as Google, which begin to lose their main income (advertising)
1. Create a p2p-platforms for different industries (p2p - model of equal sharing of resources when the devices connected to the network can act as both client and server): payment systems and software solutions for the replacement of the financial sector, which will fall on the horizon 3 - 5 years. Replace the financial sector in terms of payments - telecom operators could.
That is Telecoms who acquire these P2P platform on the day after the implementation of one - two of these risks.
2. But it is no substitute for other financial products. Rating mechanism could be implement for a complete transformation of the telecom operators in the banks.
3. Contest mechanism - used in tenders and auctions - must be implement everywhere in agent based systems. Competition - replace the engagement of consultants: smart people from around the world who attack the problem and its prize money and are able to create algorithms for global competitive level, which as a result of bypass that offer consultants.