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Why 97% of electronics startups fail, and how will change this situation

Despite grabbing $930M in funding during its 10-year lifespan, Jawbone failed to hold on to significant market share for its line of headsets, fitness trackers, and wireless speakers.

Jawbone became the second-costliest VC-backed startup failure of all time.

Even acquisition of BodyMedia, a maker of health-monitoring armbands, which won them the company’s 80 patents (many for multi-sensor technology), don't help


As rumors swirled that Apple, Google, and Samsung were developing wearables of their own, the company beefed up by appointing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to the board in April 2013 and naming Mindy Mount, a top VP at Microsoft, as president in May 2013.

FitBit nearly acquired Jawbone in 2016, likely for the 2,800 patents Rahman says he still has in his arsenal. The patents are likely another reason Rahman intends to launch his “Jawbone Health Hub”

Xiaomi is outperform Samsung in India this year and recently became the world’s leading seller of wearable fitness trackers. Despite their dropping popularity in the US, new research from Canalys found that the global wearables market grew 8% YoY in Q2’17 – led by Xiaomi with 3.5 million units shipped, closely followed by Fitbit with 3.3 million units shipped (a 34% decline compared to the same quarter a year earlier).

How can help XIAOMI and Fitbit not to repeat Jawbone's fate?

See in this article


MIUI 7: New Settings and user tips

What UI features are added in MIUI 7.

1. MIUI 6's toggles albeit stylish and unique, could sometimes cause confusion as to whether they were enabled or disabled. Once again MIUI 7 has rescued us from our befuddlement.

2. Notification blocking in notification shade:
An all new feature that has appeared in MIUI 7 is the ability to block certain app's notifications from the status bar/notification panel, and using this feature couldn't be easier.
We now have a new icon in the notifications panel. We can use this to block unwanted notifications from apps.

3. Redesigned app icons:
MIUI 7 may seem to be the same with MIUI 6 at first glance, but there're many changes in details if you see carefully. One of them is app icons changes. MIUI designers have modified several apps' icons to make them look better in MIUI 7.

Improved battery life and system performance:
By far the most important development from MIUI 7 has been the battery and performance improvements.

Overall, MIUI 7 increased system performance by 30%!!

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What smartphone is better Xiaomi Mi Note, Iphone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 3?

Independent Experts compare Xiaomi Mi Note, Iphone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 3 to decide what investment is better.

1. Comparative consumer tests.

Comparing Mi Note with Iphone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 3 experts decide that
Mi Note wins in following:
Incredible functionality, the better display and highest performance

See video about reasons Xiaomi Mi Note is Better Than Galaxy Note

2. Functionality, software and camera test.
Xiaomi Mi Note have Android 5.0 Lollipop where Samsung Note 4 is still not updated to Lollipop from Kitkat.
See video comparative testing Mi Note vs. Samsing Note

iPhone and Samsung comparison.

Mi Note is better in camera compartment to compare to iPhone and Galaxy Note 3.

The Mi Note is equipped with a powerful 13MP of all-seeing power, while the iPhone 6 Plus has stuck firmly by its 8MP rear camera.

Samsung Note 3 also is inferior with 2 Mp front-facing camera.

Mi Note cameras feature OIS, handy for the slightly more cumbersome handling of larger phones. The Mi Note does notably record video in 4K, but the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t.

3. Xiaomi Mi Note VS IPhone 6 Plus - test of performance

And finally, Apple Ihpone 6 Plus is inferior in battery life! Mi Note is winner in this compartment.

There are main reason why to buy Xiaomi Mi Note is the best choice.

Best combination of price and performance.
Mi Note phablet outclasses the competitors by 7 from 10 main specification. Comparing the Mi Note to the iPhone 6 Plus, where it seems determined to match or beat Apple's spec sheet. The Mi Note fits a bigger screen (5.7-inch versus 5.5-inches) into a smaller, lighter, thinner body (155.1mm × 77.6mm × 6.95mm versus 158.1mm × 77.8mm × 7.1mm). Mi Note is impeccably well built with premium materials and construction all around. The frame is an aluminum alloy with polished chamfered edges and matching aluminum buttons. The front and back of the device are coated in Gorilla Glass 3. you can not break your phone, just drop it. We guarantee it!
In majority expert reviews you may note that Mi Note is best price performance smartphone 2015. Mi Note combine premium quality with lowest price you can buy such hihg class phablet elsewhere in the markets.

Original Operating System, which is recently well improved, according to fan community.
Xiaomi OS MIUI 6 is based on Android Operating System.

Xiaomi app and Game stores with no extra-payments.
Xiaomi offers many free services such as Xiaomi App Market, Cloud and Xiaomi Games Center.

Ultimate technologies at the best price.
Mi Note became number one choice to buy among LTE smartphones because Xiaomi take all the best technological stuff from competitors, add some of its own innovations and then you get a better product on the smartphone market. Comparing to expensive Apple and Samsung devices, Xiaomi Mi Note is a most reasonable choice on the mobile market.

Mi Note is hard to beat. You get a 5.7-inch, 1080p LCD display with a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 with 3GB of RAM inside — top of the line specifications — for only $380. This is discounted price, only in
Xiaomi Mi Note EU direct site

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Amazing Comparative review Xiaomi Mi 4i vs.Ipone 6 and Samsung.

6 features making Mi 4i the best, the must to buy smartphone.

1. Xiaomi Mi 4i is an ultra-compact flagship device, it have 10% larger screen than Apple flagship Iphone 6. Additionally, Mi 4i Sunlight Full HD display have an ultra-high color gamut, NTSC 95% vs. only 76% on Iphone 6 (see what bright is difference

2. The Snapdragon 615 chip-set start device almost instantly, supporting the maximum possible launched applications.

Its incredible power make Mi4i the top of sale smartphone in Asia in 2015.
Compare Mi 4i to Samsung S5

3. Best on the market cameras.
Rear camera: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash. Compare to Iphone 8 camera, which is 8 Mp.
Mi 4i cameras' features: Geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection, panorama, HDR.

See video test of Mi 4i vs. Iphone 6 speed browsing, multitasking and Camera performance testing

4. This Xiaomi new device have a long life battery (2 time longlife than Apple devices and 1,3 time than Samsung), hi-end speaker phones and scratch-resistant glass.

Mi4i have a unique Fast battery charging system: Quick Charge in 50 min.
Talk time (3G) – up to 35 h
Speaker phones: Active noise cancellation with dedicated microphhone.

5. Extended functionality.
Operating System: Android 5.0.2. (Lollipop) is impowered by MIUI 6 ROM.
Additional convenience of Xiaomi App Market, and Xiaomi Games Center where you can download aps and games mostly free of charge. In addition to available in Play Store applications, there is added a huge amount of apps developed by millions of Chinese programmers. Most of them are for free.
Other features giving extended functionality:
- XviD/DivX/MP4/H.264 player
- MP3/WAV/eAAC+/FLAC player
- Photo/video editor
See a lot of Xiaomi Mi 4i tricks

6. Price of Mi 4i is half of Apple Iphone 6!
Only on EU Xiaomi e-commerce site you can buy Mi4i for the lowest price of 239 USD which include FREE shipment.
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Topping the ratings of most desirables smartphones

TOP-3 producer of smartphones, XIAOMI are celebrating the 5th anniversary of MIUI and unveiling more than one surprises of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi today open sales of the most rated smartphone: Redmi Note 2.

Redmi Note 2 is equipped with 13MP Samsung/ OV rear camera and 5MP front camera. A new feature will get you excited: PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) Other incredible features, which we not meet even on Apple 6: 4G Dual SIM, Dual Standby 3060 mAh Removable Battery (Typical capacity 3060mAh, rated capacity 3020mAh), Support Quick Charge 5.5 " full HD, 1920x1080 Resolution, 400 PPI 5MP Front Camera MIUI 7 based on Android 5.0

Price is 3 time less than Apple 6: USD124 for Redmi Note 2; USD 156) for Redmi Note Prime (32GB Flash)

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Top threats 2016.

What are the threats to the fall of the Chinese stock market to the global economy and for Russia? I think that the most difficult times ahead. The Chinese economy has been the main engine of the global economy. China bust the consumption of oil, energy, gas and industrial metals, which in the rest of the world declined. This artificial governamental input has repeatedly created speculative investment in the capital markets for the past 36 years leading to boom & bust economy and markets (see chart).
This 36-year global credit boom and resulting slowing economic growth lead to an investors' 'crisis of confidence' in government debt and public sector solvency. I am afraid that China is not able to solve that. 9 months until the collapse of the Chinese market that will be trigger to global Great Crisis. As oil prices forecast: 40 dollars per barrel. This level of support at the lower boundary of the range of the bear. Falling oil to 40 and then to 35 and even up to $ 30 a barrel to happen precisely because of China.


Investment Focus 2015 - 2020.

Calculation on the most effective investment risk-based strategy:
1. War of the sanctions, which could fully disengage the Russian financial system from the global system, which will be black swan for the world system
2. The exponential growth of cyber attacks on financial services, and terrorist special operations, reducing investment flows of entire regions and industries
3. Forced restructuring of the global economy, the transfer of production, reduce costs and staff - leading to unbalance the budgets of countries
4. youth unemployment, and the growth of e-learning, which will lead to the closure of most colleges after 5 years
5. Transition to the new technological order, which will lead to a further reduction in employment and income budgets of countries 6. Demographic and social imbalances that lead to a concentration of 90% of the wealth in 10% of the world's population, and the debt problems in the majority of the population, companies and countries
7. panic on the stock exchanges and currency markets, inevitable in the future 5 years, due to the Chinese threat and all of the above
- All it can in the long run to make the market not only the majority of existing companies, but even such giants as Google, which begin to lose their main income (advertising)
1. Create a p2p-platforms for different industries (p2p - model of equal sharing of resources when the devices connected to the network can act as both client and server): payment systems and software solutions for the replacement of the financial sector, which will fall on the horizon 3 - 5 years. Replace the financial sector in terms of payments - telecom operators could.
That is Telecoms who acquire these P2P platform on the day after the implementation of one - two of these risks.
2. But it is no substitute for other financial products. Rating mechanism could be implement for a complete transformation of the telecom operators in the banks.
3. Contest mechanism - used in tenders and auctions - must be implement everywhere in agent based systems. Competition - replace the engagement of consultants: smart people from around the world who attack the problem and its prize money and are able to create algorithms for global competitive level, which as a result of bypass that offer consultants.